sábado, 30 de octubre de 2010

AlwaysYou: my songs, my memories

I see a mystery ship out on the water
i wonder where it's sailing to
is someone waiting in some other harbor
these fantasies they blow my way
like sirens to a fool
and in the stillness of my soul
i keep returning to

always you
you know i live on the wind where love runs free
i come back to you
always you
and when i fall to earth you're always there for me
i come back, i come back, i come back to you
Looking at myself 'til the mirror shatters
i hear a madman sing his tune (he says)
it's only love that ever really matters
i wake up in this dream tonight
that's when i see the truth
of all the faces in my heart
there's only one i choose

Something in my soul never changes baby
you're the one that's keeping me sane
there is no other that i have ever conceived
could be my lover and never leave when i run free
could be my lover, could be my lover

AlwaysYou: my songs, my memories

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